Story behind the collection

Our first collection needed to be honest and socially and environmentally responsible produced, designed and printed. Besides that, we’ve tried to fully step away from all the seasonable fast fashion rules in the industry. We don’t like to simply follow a crowd. Instead of that we start following our own Rhythms.

Whether you a girl, a boy, or somewhere in between, we have tried to create a fair wear T-shirt for everybody. If you feel like wearing it wide and oversized, go for it. If you feel like wearing it layered or color blocking, go for it. If you feel like playing, dancing, sleeping in it, go for it. As long as you follow your own Rhythms!

Seven Designs to visualize Seven Rhythms:

  1. For the bit rebellious who dares to express its authentic soul
    (Free Rhythms)
  2. For the one who practices gratitude rather than attitude
    (Happy Rhythms)
  3. For the one who still believes in miracles and that there's more than our eyes can see (Higher Rhythms)
  4. For the one who feels we’re all connected through music, were words sometimes fail (Music Rhythms)
  5. (Creative Rhythms) Coming Soon
  6. (Here and Now Rhythms) Coming Soon
  7. (Explorer Rhythms) Coming Soon

Some outspoken and colourful. Some minimal with a touch of black and white.

We're very proud of our first collection designed from an inside spark by following our own Rhythms!