How to start creating your dreams

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"In the end we'll all become stories"

Story behind Seven Rhythms

What if you really can create your dreams? What if you can live your life out of your imagination and faith instead of fear? What if you can fully express your authentic soul to the world without hesitations or trying to fulfill others expectations? What if you can really stay present in the exact moment without worrying about yesterday or tomorrow and just be thankful for the magnificent world we live in?

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Your Rhythms: story #1

Full of energy, positivity and like an unstoppable rocket, Mandy (23) shines the brightest in her clothing store De Garage. The best customer experience, that is where she and her team strive for every day. Mandy's a true styling queen and her unstoppable passion and enthusiasm inspire others to think about their own spark.

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The Art of the Start

“Doubt and perfection kill more dreams than failure ever will”  

What is the best moment to start something new? What are we waiting for? Are we waiting until we have it all scheduled out for ourselves? Are we waiting for others approval or our owns? Are we waiting until we’re 100% sure of a perfect outcome? It’s not about great new ideas only, it’s about making ideas happen!

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Our brand campaign

Captured in the pearl of the Alps

Our first brand campaign was captured in the LUNERSEE.

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